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Subsystems for the UAS integration into the airspace

OEM - low level modules

Sub-miniature ADS-B/FLARM modules for direct integration on PCB.

– for UAS

UAS-ready equipment to meet the DAA (Detect and Avoid) philosophy.

Ground Infrastructure

Diverse networkable solutions for future UTM/U-Space design.

for products

Check available accessories dedicated to AEROBITS solutions.

idME PRO - remote ID

idME PRO is the most advanced Remote ID with WI-FI and BLE technology. It can broadcast in dual technologies: Wi-Fi (NAN and Beacon frames) BT (BLE, and legacy frames). Using the BLE and WI-FI broadcast technology, our device provides surveillance and drone operator identification capability based on any modern mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet.

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Business dynamics is a very important factor for us. Our priority is the constant development of products with an emphasis on their quality.

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Our Mission

UAS is a technology with unlimited possibilities and applications. In every sector: civil, commercial and military, the number of applications that will influence our daily lives is growing dynamically. 

Currently, UAS is more ‘manned’ than ‘unmanned’ and operates mainly in RPAS mode, i.e. with limited autonomy. 

This is less due to technological limitations and more from the UAS integration method into the airspace. It is a global problem that is often referred to as the greatest challenge of modern aviation

The potential of unmanned technologies is so huge that each country launches its own initiatives to accelerate the integration process.

Aerobits supports such initiatives and provides subsystems for the UAS integration into the airspace. We specialize in air traffic control systems (manned and unmanned), which are an important component of future UTM and U-Space solutions. In addition to the broadly understood UAS market, we also support the transformation process of manned aviation, in line with the NextGen philosophy.

Industry application

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