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The most advanced Remote ID with WI-FI and BLE technology

  • Broadcast in dual technologies: Wi-Fi (NAN and Beacon frames) BT(BLE, and legacy frames)
  • Equipped with Wi-Fi / BLE antenna + GNSS antenna
  • Using the BLE and WI-FI broadcast technology, the device provides surveillance and drone operator identification capability based on any modern mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet.
  •  idME PRO can be easily connected to Pixhawk controller via JST connector.
  • Increase of broadcast power to +20dBm Wi-Fi and +18dBm BLE
  • Automatic power adjustment according to the country of use
    Supports the newest MAVLink protocol, with Open Drone Id Messages
  • Extended configuration options allow you to choose a transmission technology
  • Small outline and low power consumption allow it to be used in ultra-lightweight drones. AT commands provide feasibility to configure broadcast messages, such as drone identification number, type of aircraft, etc. Additional authentication mechanisms are also available

Product status:

Compliant with the required standards

Compliant with the newest version of ASTM and ASD_STAN documents



Compliant with ASTM and ASD-STAN
Increase of broadcast power
Be visible in the airspace, let the safety level rise
Including GNSS antenna
Wi-Fi / BLE antenna
Automatic power adjustment
Extended configuration options
Small outline and low power consumption

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Basic Electrical specification:


TX BluetoothBluetooth+18dBm
TX WI-FI +20dBm
Power supply 5V
Current consumptionaverage 20mA
Dimensionsmain outline31.5 x 15.5 x 7.3mm
Weightwith antenna4g