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OEM ADS-B receiver TT-SF1

  • TT­-SF1 is a high quality and low price OEM ADS­-B/GNSS receiver/FLARM transceiver series operating at 1090MHz and region-dependent FLARM frequency. It is based on the proven FPGA-In-The_LoopTM which is a unique combination of a single-­core processor and FPGA.

  • The patented solution allows high-­speed RF data processing with a significantly reduced number of electronic components. Simultaneous miniaturization of the module and its OEM nature opens a wide range of possible applications. Fast UART interface and easy configuration with AT­-commands allow for the simple integration of the module with the user’s system.

  • In addition, extra interfaces open the way to customize the firmware and extend the module with non­-standard functions. There are several communication interfaces, protocols and special functionalities available on request.

price includes a life-long FLARM license.

Product status:

Want to evaluate TT-SF1?

The evaluation kit provides a quick introduction to the TT­-SF1 module.

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Basic Electrical specification:

Carrier frequency ADS-B1090MHz
 FLARM 868 (region dependent)
RX sensitivity ADS-B approx. -­80 ­ 


 FLARM approx. ­-95 
 GNSS approx. ­-167­ 
TX power FLARM  max. +14dBm
Power supply VCC min. 2.7 (recommended 3.0) –  max.3.6DCV
Current consumption  130mA
Dimensions  19×18.5 (a) 19×22.5 (b)mm

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