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Aero Pro

Aero Pro

ADS-­B receiver

  • Aero Pro belongs to the class of the smallest ADS-B receivers on the market and has been developed for civil and commercial Unmanned Aircraft Systems. It is especially dedicated to UAS controllers supporting the MAVLink protocol.

  • Aero Pro operates on 1090MHz and allows tracking air traffic (equipped with ADS-B technology) in the vicinity of 100 km from UAS. The goal is to ensure a safe separation between manned and unmanned aircraft. Aero opens the way to the implementation of the Detect and Avoid algorithms, supporting the integration of UAS into the airspace.

Product status:

ETSI certification for Aero Pro

Aero/Aero Pro are based on the TT-SC1 series a high performance OEM Mode A/C/S and ADS-B receivers operating at 1090MHz. The patented FPGA-ln-The_Loop™ technology allows high-speed RF data processing with significantly reduced number of electronic components. Simultaneous miniaturization of the module and its OEM nature open a wide range of possible applications.



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Basic Electrical specification:

Carrier frequency 1090MHz
RX sensitivityOperation at 50Ω-80dBm
Weight with antenna 



31.5 x 15.5 x 7.3