Customers review about Aerobits

Ukrspecsystems LLC is delighted to recommend AEROBITS Sp. z o. o. as a business partner due to their remarkable performance in every aspect of our collaboration. We have been positively impressed with the innovative solutions provided by AEROBITS, especially their miniaturised components, which have brought a fresh perspective to our projects. Their commitment to supporting us in resolving technical issues has been unparalleled and has consistently exceeded our expectations. Their outstanding performance and unwavering dedication have been instrumental in the success of our projects, and we are grateful for their invaluable contributions.
Volodymyr Bondarenko
Dronematrix states that it's a pleasure to work with AEROBITS company from Poland. By integrating AEROBITS solutions like FLARM transceivers, Dronematrix contributes to enhancing safety in the airspace. The cooperation between Dronematrix and AEROBITS exemplifies innovation, safety and excellence in the UAV industry. Their Customer Service is very supportive. AEROBITS from Poland is not only a reliable Business Partner of Dronematrix, but also a key player in advancing aviation technology globally.
Lander Vanwelkenhuyzen
AEROBITS’ solutions offer easy implementation and intuitive configuration within lightweight, great-value products. The plug-and-play design and great compatibility helped our company to quickly meet every compliance criteria of the newest UAV regulations.
Rotors & Cams
Emese Balogh
Globe UAV as a developer of BVLOS UAV systems requires as reliable transceivers for SAIL III operations. Since 2019 we have been integrating AEROBITS devices into our multicopters and VTOLs to fulfill EASA guidelines.
Jörg Brinkmeyer
AEROBITS is a reliable partner characterised by high flexibility and customer orientation as well as expertise in unmanned aviation. Together we have developed innovative products for safe and efficient drone flights. We look forward to continuing our successful collaboration and are happy to recommend AEROBITS to others.
Ralph Schepp
Our collaboration with AEROBITS has enabled Embention to become the first autopilot company to release a flight controller with an embedded ADS-B module. This partnership has led to significant advancements in avionics solutions for UAVs.
Javier Espuch
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