Product lifecycle

Information for customers

To provide the highest level of service to our customers, we would like to inform you about the existing stage of the Aerobits product life cycle. Below you will find a definition describing the life cycle, and each product that is on the site is marked in which stage of the product’s life cycle it is. 

Product lifecycle in Aerobits

  • In development - Product in preparation. Not available for purchase.
  • Engineering samples – Product still in development. Small quantities available for test purposes.
  • Active – Product available for purchase, fully supported. EOS and EOL dates are not defined
  • NRND (Not Recommended for New Design) – Product will be discontinued in future. Probably it will be replace, by better design. EOS and EOL dates are defined.
  • EOS (End Of Support) – Product is no longer maintained. Support is limited. Product can not be purchased by webpage. To purchase product please contact sales.
  • EOL (End Of Life) – Product is no longer produced. Can be bought only in larger quantities.
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