About us

We are Aerobits

Aerobits is a Polish technology company that has been operating on a global market since 2017. We deal with miniaturization of avionic systems, such as aviation transponders. All solutions are based on a patented technology that allows to process radio signals on very small surfaces. This concept is at the core of our OEM modules (low-level assembly function modules), which are the basic building block of miniaturized avionics.

Developing safety in the airspace

  • Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), commonly known as drones, open up new opportunities in the civil, commercial and military sectors. However, this impressive technology comes with certain risks. UAS enter the orderly airspace that until now was used only by manned air traffic. Legal regulation of the use of the airspace turns out to be insufficient for many reasons and forces the search for system concepts. A hint here are aviation solutions and procedures that have evolved over the years along with the growing volume of traffic.
  • ATM (Air Traffic Management), having various types of radars, is able to locate manned aircraft and guarantee safe separation between them. Also in unmanned systems it is planned to implement a similar solution called UTM (Unmanned Traffic Management). UTM will be nothing else but a functional extension of ATM. It is about the integration of drones into the airspace, which is seen as one of the greatest challenges of modern aviation. The main difficulty is to ensure anti-collision for all airspace users, in line with the DAA (Detect and Avoid) concept. Achieving this goal is possible by maintaining system compatibility between manned and unmanned aviation. Therefore, it is necessary to miniaturize the avionics, which will allow the installation of appropriate systems on small drones.
  • The intensification of global activities towards the inclusion of UAS into the airspace shows the idea of fusing many information technologies. In addition to micro-avionic systems, UAS will also be equipped with technologies such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and LTE. It will allow for easier identification and tracking by local airspace managers.

Subsystems for the UAS integration into the airspace

Global reach

Our technologies are currently used in over 54 countries by almost 550 customers

Monitoring of airspace

We create solutions for the broadly understood management and monitoring of airspace

Ground infrastructure

Our ground infrastructure is becoming a frequent requirement in the European Union and beyond. It's used by PANSA, DFS, MoD.

Leader in the world

Due to very early ideas of miniaturization of avionics, we became a leader in the world

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