About us

We are Aerobits

Aerobits is a Polish technology company that has been operating on a global market since 2017. We deal with miniaturization of avionic systems, such as aviation transponders. All solutions are based on a patented technology that allows to process radio signals on very small surfaces. This concept is at the core of our OEM modules (low-level assembly function modules), which are the basic building block of miniaturized avionics.

Developing safety in the airspace

Subsystems for the UAS integration into the airspace

Global reach

Our technologies are currently used in over 40 countries by over 150 customers

Monitoring of airspace

We create solutions for the broadly understood management and monitoring of airspace

Ground infrastructure

Our ground infrastructure is becoming frequent requirement in the European Union and beyond

Leader in the world

Due to very early ideas of miniaturization of avionics, we became a leader in the world