For the investor


Aerobits is a technological company specialized in avionics miniaturization. Our hardware and software solutions are dedicated, in particular, to the wide market of Unmanned Aircraft Systems. Their use is paving the way to UAS integration in the airspace, according to the planned strategy of aviation authorities.

Aerobits technology is currently the smallest and fastest implementation of the ADS-B air traffic surveillance system in the world, with ranges weighing from 1g. With the enormous level of miniaturization and patented fusion of FPGA and multi-core processor the powerful computational capacities are retained, ensuring the parallel support of many time-critical processes.

If every drone had our technology applied, we could ensure safety in the airspace.

What can we offer to the investor?

  • Return on investment in short perspective
  • Access to new upcoming markets (UAS, UTM, U-Space systems)
  • Hardware/Software development capabilities
  • Patented technologies
  • 1 of only 3 companies in the world fully tackling the safe integration of UAS into airspace
  • Participation in a global reach company
  • Motivated team that is hungry for success

Why us?

  • We guarantee a great potential for product development
  • Thanks to our technology and the high level of our commitment, we have developed the position of a global leader
  • To secure know-how, we have patented our technologies
  • We have our own R&D and production departments (both departments operate in-house)
  • We created two SMD (surface mounted device) production lines
  • Our ultra-fast ADS-B implementation is comparable to professional ground stations
  • Our solutions are based on the latest developments in the field of signal processing and RF technology in the context of design miniaturization
  • A unique fusion of single/multi-core processor with FPGA opens the way to scalable solutions with the enormous customization potential
  • We created the world’s smallest and lightest design for civilian and commercial UAS market and beyond
  • Our goal is to provide our solutions all over the world
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