OEM - low level modules

Sub-miniature ADS-B/FLARM modules for direct integration on PCB.

– for UAS

UAS-ready equipment to meet the DAA (Detect and Avoid) philosophy.

Ground Infrastructure

Diverse networkable solutions for future UTM/U-Space design.

for products

Check available accessories dedicated to AEROBITS solutions.


Aerobits provides low-level ADS-B devices for integration directly on printed circuit boards. It is a convenient way to design unique devices that require access to air traffic information in their structure. We offer multiple technological solutions that differ in price and data processing capabilities.

Depending on the target application, we offer single and multi-core solutions based on ADS-B and FLARM technology and some with integrated GNSS receivers. The smallest solutions are the size of the one cent coin. An important feature of the modules is the very high ADS-B input sensitivity of the receivers, ensuring compliance with avionic standards on an extremely small surface.

Regardless of the type of module, we offer the customization of the firmware, which provides a number of communication interfaces and on-demand software solutions.

Evaluate your OEM

EVALs – for quick integration

If you want to quickly try the possibilities offered by our modules, the evaluation set is certainly a product for you. Dedicated printed circuit board contains all necessary components to run the module.

All additional input/output pins and external power supply options are avaliable. In addition, together with the evaluation kit you can use our software Micro ADS-B which is described further.

Quickly try the possibilities

Dedicated printed circuit board


External power supply

Plug&Plays – for drones

In this product group, we offer ADS-B receivers and ADS-B / FLARM transceivers. In sets, you will find all the necessary wiring and/or parameterization tools such as communication converters. Solutions start with the most compact and providing basic functionality, through middle-end solutions up to the top multisystem solutions. The drone user at every level will find something for themselves in this products category. Short and clear instructions will help you how to quickly integrate into your existing drone system.

Ground Infrastructure

Ground Infrastructure category includes solutions which allow to build or prototype UTM and ATM networks, based on ADS-B and FLARM technologies. With use of LTE and/or PoE technologies it is possible to design a network for each use case. Products vary from small single PC computers, through Omni-directional system to state-of-the art Sector Antennas for best performance with minimum effort to install and run the system. Short and clear instructions will help you how to quickly integrate into your existing system whether it is for drone integration, air traffic monitoring or supplementary systems such as BNK projects.

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