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Evaluation board to the TT-SF1 module

  • The evaluation kit provides a quick introduction to the TT­-SF1 module. It is a high-quality 1090MHz band receiver with an integrated ADS­-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast) decoder, conforming to MOPSs specified in TSO-­C199.

  • EVAL-­TT-­SF1 with the dedicated software allows the user to discover the module properties within a short time, paving the way towards quick prototyping. The software allows simple configuration of the module and data visualization in various modes, from raw data, through tabular and 3D views.

Notice: price includes a life-long FLARM license.

Product status:


Kit contents:

Basic Electrical specification:

ParameterDescription Typ.Unit.
Carrier frequency ADS-B 1090MHz
 FLARM 868 (region dependent)
RX sensitivity ADS-B approx. -­80 ­ dBm
 FLARM approx. ­-95 
 GNSS approx. ­-167­ 
TX power FLARM  max. +14dBm
Power supply  3.3V 5V(RF)DCV
Current consumption  260mA
Dimensions  70×43mm

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