Let's meet at the ILA Berlin Air Show

We are excited to announce that AEROBITS will be participating in the ILA Berlin Air Show 2024. The event will take place from Wednesday, June 5, 2024, to Sunday, June 9, 2024.

You will find us at Hall 3, Booth 470. We invite you to visit our booth and explore our innovative product range designed for advanced air traffic management and drone integration solutions.

We will present the following product groups:

  • OEM

Aerobits offers low-level ADS-B devices for direct integration onto printed circuit boards. These solutions are ideal for designing custom devices that require real-time air traffic information. Our range includes various technological solutions differing in size and data processing capabilities, catering to diverse needs.

  • EVALs

For those looking to quickly explore the capabilities of our modules, our evaluation sets are the perfect choice. These sets include a dedicated printed circuit board with all necessary components to operate the module, facilitating rapid testing and development.

  • Plug&Play ADS-B (IN, OUT)

In this category, Aerobits provides ADS-B receivers and ADS-B/FLARM transceivers. Each set comes with all necessary wiring and parameterization tools, including communication converters. Our solutions range from compact models with basic functionality to advanced multisystem solutions, meeting a wide spectrum of requirements.

  • Trackers and Direct Remote ID (UTM/U-space devices)

Our UAS-ready equipment supports the ‘Detect and Avoid’ (DAA) philosophy. This product group includes UTM/U-space solutions based on LTE and BLE technologies. U-space represents a set of new services relying on high levels of digitalization and automation, designed to ensure safe, efficient, and secure access to airspace for a large number of drones (UAS).

  • Ground Infrastructure

The Ground Infrastructure category includes solutions for building or prototyping UTM and ATM networks using ADS-B and FLARM technologies. With LTE and/or PoE technologies, these solutions allow the design of networks tailored to specific use cases, providing robust infrastructure for air traffic management.

We look forward to meeting industry professionals and enthusiasts at the ILA Berlin Air Show 2024. Join us at Hall 3, Booth 470, to discover how our cutting-edge solutions can enhance your air traffic and drone operations.

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