OEM - low level modules

GPS Antena Frequency 1575.42 MHz

Accessory for AEROBITS products: GNSS Antenna GPS, SMA

Thanks to its strong magnetic base, you can mount the antenna on or under the dashboard, behind the rear shelf of the trunk, or in any other location. Installation is extremely simple. Just plug in the connector, attach or stick the magnetic base, extend the cable, and you’re done. The reception power of this antenna is so high that it is comparable to roof-mounted antennas.

The SMA antenna is compatible with:

  • Alpine – Alpine Blackbird PMD-B100 Portable Navigation System
  • Navman – Navman Tracker 5100, 5500, 5600 (similar to Navman 1330 GPS Antenna)
  • Trimble – TNL1000 Aviation GPS
  • Navman – Tracker 5100, 5100i, 5110, 5110i, 5380, 5380i, 5430, 5430i, 5500, 5500i, 5505, 5505i, 5600, 5605
  • GlobalSat – AT-65-SMA, TT-300, G5010U, G5040
  • Holux – GM 82 Engine Board
  • Rikaline – Active Antenna SMA A-10302-SA, SMA A-10305-SA, GPS-300 Black Box, Standard Horizon CP 150 (Passive 3 foot), CP 170 (Passive 3 foot), CP 160 (Passive 3 foot), Synergy Systems AR-10K GPS Antenna SMA, AR-10S GPS SMA Antenna 1001411, AR-10S GPS SMA Antenna 1001414
  • Motorola digital radio-telephone DM341, 361

The following specification guarantees the quality of the antenna. The device is sensitive to electrostatic discharges – precautions should be taken.

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