Evaluation board to the TT-SG1

  • The evaluation kit provides a quick introduction to the TT­SG1 module. It is a high quality 1090MHz band receiver with an integrated A-DS­B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance ­ Broadcast) decoder, conforming to MOPSs specified in TSO­C199. 
  • EVAL­TT­SG1 with the dedicated software allows the user to discover the module properties within a short time, paving the way towards quick prototyping. 
  • The software allows simple configuration of the module and data visualization in variousmodes, from raw data, through tabular and 3D views.



Basic Electrical specification:

Parameter Description Typ. Unit.
Carrier frequency  ADS-B 1090 MHz
RX sensitivity  ADS-B  approx. -­90 ­ dBm
GNSS  approx. ­-167­ dBm
Power supply  VCC  min.3.0,  –  max.3.6 DCV
Current consumption  130 mA
Dimensions  19×18.5 (a) 19×22.5 (b) mm

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