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Dipole ADS-B antenna 1090MHz

Accessory for AEROBITS products: Dipole ADS-B antenna

This compact stick-on dipole antenna, specifically designed for ADS-B applications and operating at a frequency of 1090MHz, provides a high-performance solution for aircraft tracking and communication. Equipped with an RG174 cable and a 90-degree MMCX connector, this antenna not only ensures optimal signal reception but also offers flexibility in installation.

The 90-degree MMCX connector enhances the versatility of this antenna, allowing for easy integration into various ADS-B receivers and systems. The angled design facilitates efficient routing of the cable and provides a space-saving solution, making it suitable for installations with limited space constraints.

To simplify the installation process and ensure a secure attachment, each antenna is supplied with a high-quality double-sided adhesive tape manufactured by 3M. This tape not only offers strong adhesion but also withstands environmental factors, providing a reliable and durable mounting solution for the antenna.

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