Special use of Remote ID solutions

Special use of Remote ID solutions – did you know about it?

Nowadays, Remote Identification for UAVs is mandatory in European Union countries. During last few years many things in drone industry have changed. Especially in regulations concerning Remote Identification. 1st of January 2024 is when drone pilots need to start operating their UAVs equipped with Remote ID feature.

AEROBITS company from Poland has huge know-how and experience in Remote ID area because those solutions have been developed for many years by AEROBITS and are being improved to be the most up-to-date according to changing regulations.

The idME series is FAA-approved and EASA-approved. It means that Drone Operators can use it legally in the United States and European Union markets.The approval can be checked at EASA EU Declaration of Conformity list:


AEROBITS has also launched new OEM modules for Remote ID purposes. Those modules are designed especially for global drone manufacturers and aeromodellers.

TT-RW1 solution combines Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GNSS and pressure sensor technologies. This series meets the expectations of UAV manufacturers.

Source: https://www.easa.europa.eu/en/domains/civil-drones-rpas/specific-category-civil-drones

Aviation is very exciting industry – nothing has changed in this matter. However, the world of drones is constantly expanding and in those difficult times, even small steps of progress are welcome and the adoption of Remote ID rules represents a significant step into the digital future for more than just drone operators.

AEROBITS Remote ID solutions also have some special, unusual applications. Below are examples of the special use of Remote ID devices by AEROBITS


  • radio control model jets,
  • autonomous airships,
  • unmanned balloons,
  • and more…

As can be seen, the application of Remote Identification is not only for drones but also for radio control model jets, autonomous airships etc. AEROBITS desire was to provide the lightest and the most adaptable Remote ID solution that can be easily integrated into any UAV.

The main goal of Remote ID is to provide safe and secure airspace. Thanks to AEROBITS Remote ID solutions every participant of the skies can fly his unmanned aircraft safely.

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