Remote ID – special offer in September

Remote identification (Remote ID) is coming! Are you ready?

Buy your remote ID solution now and save even 55%!

Get Remote ID Ready – which Drone Pilots Must Comply With the Rule?

Do you know that since September 16, 2023, all drone pilots who are required to register their UAS (including those who fly for recreation, business, or public safety) must operate in accordance with the rule on Remote ID?

This huge step for sure will absolutetly increase safety and security. You can be ready for this big changes with AEROBITS. Our Remote ID solutions are the answear for those changes. And now you can get all versions of Remote ID solutions for 99 EURO only! Don’t miss this chance!

Why idME solutions are the best choice?

  • Small weight: Approx. 5 grams
  • Small covering/dimensions: 31.5 x 15.5 x 7.3 mm
  • Use of 2 technologies: BLE – Bluetooth Low Energy, WiFi – NAN and Beacon frames
  • Easy configuration: By using a micro USB slot, By using AT commands
  • Existing drones on the market can be easily retrofitted by using idME solutions.
Note – the promotional price is valid until 24 September, 2023.
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