Drontex conference

On October 20, we will take part in the Drontex conference organized by Mam Dron company in Slovakia. During this event, there are planned three thematic blocks:

  • Legislation and security
  • Management of UAS operations
  • Development and industrial use of UAS.

Rafał Słoń, our new Business Developer, will have a speech about: “Real-time drone tracking – direct Remote ID modules. Security and legislation”. Few words about Rafał: he is fascinated by a space where business and technology come together. He focuses his mind on the importance of UAV identification technology for the future.

We are excited about our participation in such an inspiring event! During the conference, event participants will receive our idME products as a gift for testing. We hope they will be satisfied with the way how our solutions function.

Check the event’s website: https://www.drontex.eu.

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