ETSI certification for Aero Pro

New standard in airspace safety

Aerobits is setting a new standard in airspace safety. AERO Pro, is the first and only ETSI aviation grade certified SWaP UAS ADS-B receiver, weighing just 4g with Mavlink compatibility. This has been achieved by certification of our World’s smallest, OEM ADS-B receiver series TT-SC1 (weight 1g). Which opens a new chapter for UAS aviation. ETSI certification ensures the highest stringent aviation norms are meet, to increase safety of drones in the aerospace.

It follows Aerobits philosophy: Integrate not separate.

Fact of receiving this certification leads to further developments and certifications of Aerobits systems, incl: ADS-B transceivers, Mode ADS-B/-A/-C/-S transponders, Micro ADS-B/Mode-S interrogators and UAS trackers.

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