See our TR-1A in action

GOF 2.0 project

See our TR-1A product in action!

In the GOF 2.0 project, our business partner LMT used TR-1A module as one of the key tracking elements. The GOF 2.0 project, as a continuation of the SESAR JU Gulf of Finland (GOF) U-space project, which successfully demonstrated the safe integration of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) into the airspace in summer 2019, will go one step further and will test flights in the next two years drones in urban sky. This project started in January 2021 and is being carried out by a consortium of 13 members as part of the SESAR JU initiative “GOF 2.0 Integrated Urban Airspace Validation” with the participation of AEROBITS.

As a hardware technological partner, we have delivered two products: TR-1W and HoD (LTE and ADS-B Out trackers) Briefly about our product: TR-1A belongs to the second generation of the smallest ADS-B transceivers on the market (weighing just 14 grams), and has been developed for civil and commercial Unmanned Aircraft Systems. The device operates on 1090MHz and allows receiving and transmit ADS-B data with defined 0.25, 0.5 or 1 Watt output power.

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