Next step of cooperation between Aerobits and Kalscott

What solutions we have delivered?

We are proud that we have a chance to cooperate on ambitious projects with companies that contribute so much to the development of the aeronautical industry in which we operate. 

Therefore, we want to introduce our customer: KalScott Engineering from Kansas (USA), which provides specialized, full-service research, development, test, and evaluation (RDT&E) solutions for the Aerospace, Defense, and Remote Sensing industries. 

The result of our cooperation, which has been going on for some time already was a delivery to the American market, the following infrastructure: 

– OGS (Omnidirectional Ground Station)

– HOD (Hook-On-Device) devices, based on LTE technologies, for the purpose of the presentation site. 

Currently, our goal is to deliver to KalScott products based on the following functionalities: Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to meet new regulations. 

These products will be utilized for drones and ground infrastructure for tracking UAS movements. 

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