idME – remote e-identification

Do you already know our idME product?

It is a solution designed to meet requirements of remote drone identification and localization in ASTM/ASD-STAN standard. Currently, the second draft of F3211-19 norm is published and the final date of the requirement has moved to September 16, 2023. Did you know that with our solutions you can start being convergent and ready for this change now? As Aerobits, we are able to provide a full infrastructure for e-identification services of drones equipped with such systems, based on a very sensitive BLE receiver: Omni Directional Ground Stations (OGS), system provided by us. We also offer an extended version of this solution: idME+, equipped with build-in GNSS and presurre sensor.

With the use of such solutions, it is possible to e-identify the drone with the idME / idME + system from over 3 km using only BLE technology.

The most important advantages of the idME solution:
• Capability to work with MAVLINK devices
• BLE broadcast technology compliant with ASTM and ASD-STAN
• Interfaces: UART, USB
• Supports Bluetooth 4.0 and 5.2
• Free Android application available

NOTICE: idME is currently FCC/CE certification pending.

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