Do you know our distributors?

At Aerobits, our goal is to reach new customers and markets to spread our technological thought, that’s why it’s important to effectively cooperate with distributors of our products.
From our point of view, it’s essential to work keeping high standards of cooperation that is beneficial to all, based on mutual respect, while maintaining the highest level of technological knowledge, therefore we are pleased to present a full current list of our distributors around the world:


  • AltiGator (Amphios s.p.r.l./b.v.b.a)
    57, Avenue de l’Été – 1410 Waterloo
  • droneparts GmbH
    Besigheimer Str. 2
    74394 Hessigheim


  • General Aviation Electronics Technology Co., Ltd
    B-62A, Building 2,
    Gui Gu Liang Cheng
    Nong Da Nan Lu, Haidian District, Beijing
  • ANTOS Co., Ltd.
    A-2305, 17,
    Gosan-ro 148beon-gil
    Gunpo-si, Gyeonggi-do


  • UAV Propulsion Tech
    Tampa, FL 33606


  • Silvertone Electronics
    1/21 Nagle St,
    Wagga Wagga NSW 2650


Do you want to become our distributor? Send a message to Konrad Cioch, Chief Business Development Officer, at the e-mail address

Together, let’s take care of safety in the airspace around the world!

More about us:
Aerobits is a Polish technology company that has been operating on the global market since 2017. We deal with miniaturization of avionic systems, such as aviation transponders. All solutions are based on a patented technology that allows to process radio signals on very small surfaces. This concept is at the core of our OEM modules (low-level assembly function modules), which are the basic building block of miniaturized avionics.

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