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Omni-directional Ground Station BLE

OGS station is an ADS-B and BLE/Wi-Fi RemoteID Omnidirectional receiver station with a multi-constellation GNSS sensor to provide the best accuracy. LTE connectivity which is a simple setup of the MQTT broker allows usage in all LTE/4G rich environments without the need for any additional cabling to send data. It has been designed to allow quick and easy assembly enclosed in IP67 case for high weather condition resistance. Device comes with all necessary cables and antennas for straightforward installation.

Data can be used with your server (the user gets full data access) There is no obligation to send data to foreign servers,
user always retains data.

Air traffic data is also available via API and can be integrated with third-party software and applications, for example using the MQTT protocol.

It is a perfect solution for permanent installation in open areas for constant airspace monitoring and conducting VLOS/BVLOS operation where safety is critical.

Product status:



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Basic Electrical specification:

Parameter DescriptionTyp.Unit
First Band ADS­-B1090MHz
Second BandBLE/Wi-Fi2400MHz
Sensitivity (ADS­-B) -90dBm
Sensitivity (BLE) -105dBm
Integrated GNSS Multi­-GNSS for precise time stamp  
LTE Cat. 1 Data transport layer (global bands)  
Dimensions 17 x 17 x 10cm
Weight0.5 kg (Module without cables and antennas)
2.5 kg (With cables, arm and antennas)


Power consumption 1.5W

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