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Mobile Ground Station

Ground station with LTE, GNSS, ADS-­B and FLARM

  • The MGS-­01 station combines LTE, GNSS, ADS-­B and FLARM technologies in a very convenient form. It has been designed to allow quick and easy assemble.
  • Packed in a very nice and sturdy case, comes with all necessary cables and antennas for straight forward installation which takes less than 5 minutes.
  • It is a perfect solution if you are conducting many VLOS/BVLOS operation in different places where safety is critical.

    price includes a life-long FLARM license.

Product status:



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Basic Electrical specification:

First BandADS­-B1090MHz
Second BandFLARM868MHz
Sensitivity (ADS­-B) -90dBm
Sensitivity (FLARM) -130dBm
Integrated GNSSMulti­-GNSS for precise time stamp  
LTE Cat. 1Data transport layer (global bands)  
Dimensions 130 x 175 x 45cm
WeightModule without cables and antennas0.5kg
Power consumption 1.5W

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