Aero RPi Hat

The product integrates Micro ADS-B and GNSS technologies with the most popular single board computer in the world. This allows easy access to data collected by the TT-MC1 module.

Aaero RPI Hat offers the possibility of receiving and decoding ADS-B and Mode-A/C/S. The integration of GNSS technology allows marking frames with an accurate timestamp for multilateration purposes. It is possible to connect Dongle LTE/GSM via a USB port.

For easy outdoor installation, the entire system can be powered by using POE (Power-over-Ethernet) technology – so the only cable you need to connect is an Ethernet cable.



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Basic Electrical specification:

Raspberry model Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+  
Raspberry CPU ARM11 900MHz  
PoE standard IEEE 802.3at  
Carrier frequency TT-MC1a1090MHz
RX sensitivity For operation at 50Ω-85dBm
Typical current consumption 500mA
Weight 45g
Dimensions 85.6 x 56.5 x 17.0mm

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